Spanish Geoparks Forum

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Spanish Geoparks Forum

In countries that have many geoparks, national geoparks forums or committees represent the Global Geoparks Network.


The Spanish UNESCO Global Geoparks together with the individual members of the GGN, are the members of the Spanish Geoparks Forum.

Different activities constitute the elements of cooperation:

  • To promote and to disseminate the activity of the UNESCO Global Geoparks in Spain, in its cultural and scientific aspects, as well as its implementation in the territorial development, through common tools such as web and social networks, meetings and open seminars, publications and others.
  • To participate in scientific, tourist, educational and sustainable development dissemination meetings in which information or participation of the UNESCO Global Geoparks is required.
  • To serve as a framework for the coordination of common initiatives of the Spanish UNESCO Global Geoparks, favouring their development and fostering relationships between their members through the organization of common events and projects.
  • To participate in the activities of the GGN and the European Geoparks Network (EGN) in accordance with their respective statutes and regulations.

The Forum of Spanish Geoparks is also constituted as a stable working group, attached to the Spanish National Committee of Geoparks. This Committee depends on the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and its main mission is the dialogue with UNESCO for the Spanish contributions to the UNESCO Global Geoparks Program.

For this reason, the Forum has a more defined function such as:

To participate in the Spanish National Committee of Geoparks collaborating in the best result of its objectives and in everything that constitutes a Spanish contribution to the Earth Sciences Program and UNESCO.