Molina-Alto Tajo

UNESCO Global Geopark

Located in the eastern part of the province of Guadalajara, the Molina-Alto Tajo Geopark, with a population density of 2 inhabitants per square kilometer, seems to have been touched by magic. Its natural landscapes, by which the human being has barely left a trace, are allied with a spectacular geology to tell us 650 million years of the history of the Earth.


In this UNESCO Global Geopark you will find nature in its purest form, where learn about the history of the Earth and observe how human beings have adapted in harmony to its geodiversity and biodiversity, since ancient times.

A territory crossed by a beautiful network of canyons and gorges, on whose slopes, the chapters of the history of the Earth appear piled up in the form of rocks. There´s a multitude of ecosystems and examples of how their inhabitants have made use of natural resources throughout history in a sustainable way.

Visiting the Celtiberian forts, you will be able to know how the pre-Roman inhabitants makes good use of the natural resources with great ability. Through its castles you will also observe surprising examples of accommodation to the landscape in harmony with the environment.

Each season of the year is special and different in this Geopark: in winter the very clean atmosphere generates surprising games of light. Spring is an burst of biodiversity that will surround us overwhelming the senses. In summer we will feel privileged to breathe pure fresh fragances and in autumn the colors spring from the most unexpected corners.The rich network of valleys and gorges puts at our fingertips a prodigious biological diversity in which to observe the functioning of a multitude of ecosystems.

The complete network of hospitality services will allow you to enjoy its landscapes, its traditions and its delicious local cuisine; Also practice active tourism or astronomical observation in a sky with an unbeatable quality.


Immerse in the history of Earth and of the human being

Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Hoz

Spring in Molina de Aragón

Gypsy Needle Rock

Fuentelsaz stratotype

Tobaceous building of Aguaspeña

Zaorejas viewpoint

Props of the Miracles

Zafra Castle