Learn 10 reasons (although there are, at least, 100 more) to enjoy the Villuercas Ibores Jara geopark, in the province of Cáceres, in Extremadura, whose uniqueness will leave you stunned, wanting to know it as soon as possible… Let’s get started!

The Castañar cave, a treasure underground

For 2 million years, water has been dissolving rocks formed on seabeds 550 million years ago. Two completely different worlds that have given rise to a unique place, the Castañar de Ibor cave, a Natural Monument of Extremadura, whose richness of forms and the peculiarity of its composition make it an unparalleled visual spectacle. So much so that its pompom-shaped formations are the symbol of the geopark.

Experience the Ánimas Carnival, where celebration and tradition merge into one

An event of great tradition and very unique, dating back to the 17th century, declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, in which the religious and the military, feelings of joy and sadness merge. The serengue dance, one of its most characteristic elements, brings together generals, various soldiers, standard bearers, baton bearers, authorities, neighbors and visitors to the sounds of the drum. Seven days of celebration in Villar del Pedroso that are worth discovering.

Guadalupe, Historical and Hispanic Heritage

The town of Guadalupe, with its imposing and renowned Royal Monastery, world heritage site of UNESCO and of all Extremadurans since 1993, undoubtedly represents one of the jewels of Mudejar Gothic in the world. Inside we find out the sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Extremadura and Queen of the Hispanic heritage.

Walk through the “Las Herrerías Aqueduct”

This formidable work of hydraulic engineering in the Descuernacabras Gorge valley, near Campillo de Deleitosa, hidden in the heart of the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara UNESCO Global Geopark, is one more of the treasures hidden in this territory. An old hydraulic infrastructure included in a geological landscape composing an advisable visit.

Taste “geoproducts” with unique flavors

An innovative way to connect visitors with the population and the territory. Honey, sausages, wines and cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin, the spectacular blood sausage from Guadalupe or oils with an unmistakable flavor… In our geopark, as in all of Extremadura, the eating is outrageous.

Enjoy the best skies

With a unique and spectacular orography, the Geopark is considered one of the best places to enjoy astronomical tourism and where you can enjoy one of the darkest skies in Extremadura. Its Appalachian relief and sharp quartzite ridges make it a unique setting also at night. Unique skies where you can contemplate the immensity of our galaxy!

Pilgrimage, nature and tradition.

Travel one of the twelve historic pilgrimage routes that lead to the Monastery of Guadalupe, as has been done since the Middle Age or enjoy Hispanic Heritage Day every October 12, to commemorate the coronation of the Virgin of Guadalupe as Queen of Hispanic Heritage. . This Festival of Regional Tourist Interest brings together a spectacular concentration of horses and riders, being one of the most colorful pilgrimages in Spain.

The Cabañas castle.

Next to the spectacular “Peña Buitrera” and watching over the town of Cabañas del Castillo for centuries, stands this small but unique building of Arab origin, which has become an unbeatable watchtower that allows you to see one of the most spectacular panoramas of the geopark.

The Risco de La Villuerca, a luxury for cycle tourists.

The geopark highest point can be reached by car. Its 1,600 meters of altitude were revealed (and in what way) with the end of the stage in the latest edition of La Vuelta a España. From the top of this 13-kilometer-long “geoitinerary,” dotted with incredible viewpoints, you can contemplate one of the most spectacular landscapes in the entire southwest of Spain and it is a must-see when you come to see us.

The Costanaza Mine of Logrosán

This once important mining complex located at the foot of Cerro de San Cristóbal in Logrosán, was in operation until the middle of the 20th century and inside it has a small train that takes you back to the past mining life. The Interpretation Center, the Geomining Museum or the mineral room make this complex a most complete visit.

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